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Batch Informed Trees (BIT*): Sampling-based optimal planning via the heuristically guided search of implicit random geometric graphs

  1. Jonathan D. Gammell
  2. Siddhartha S. Srinivasa
  3. Timothy D. Barfoot
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In this paper, we present Batch Informed Trees (BIT*), a planning algorithm based on unifying graph- and sampling-based planning techniques. By recognizing that a set of samples describes an implicit random geometric graph (RGG), we are able to combine the efficient ordered nature of graph-based techniques, such as A*, with the anytime scalability of sampling-based algorithms, such as Rapidly-exploring Random Trees (RRT).

BIT* uses a heuristic to efficiently search a series of increasingly dense implicit RGGs while reusing previous information. It can be viewed as an extension of incremental graph-search techniques, such as Lifelong Planning A* (LPA*), to continuous problem domains as well as a generalization of existing sampling-based optimal planners. It is shown that it is probabilistically complete and asymptotically optimal.

We demonstrate the utility of BIT* on simulated random worlds in ℝ2 and ℝ8 and manipulation problems on CMU’s HERB, a 14-DOF two-armed robot. On these problems, BIT* finds better solutions faster than RRT, RRT*, Informed RRT*, and Fast Marching Trees (FMT*) with faster anytime convergence towards the optimum, especially in high dimensions.

Publication Details
Full-Paper-Refereed Conference Paper
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
Seattle, WA, USA
Digital Object IdentifierDOI
arXiv IdentifierarXiv
1405.5848 [cs.RO]
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