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Estimation, Search, and Planning (ESP) Research Group


Welcome to the Estimation, Search, and Planning (ESP) research group, a member of the Oxford Robotics Institute (ORI). We motivate a knowledge-based approach to robotics research by taking on challenging, real-world problems. We do this to test our solutions and force us to understand the fundamental challenges of next-generation robots.

Please have a look around our website to find out more about who we are and what we do, including our publicly available code and datasets. You may also be interested in our Twitter, YouTube, and GitHub accounts.

Recent News

  1. Effort Informed Roadmaps (EIRM*)

    Jonathan has been working with Valentin Hartmann to extend Marlin's work on effort-informed planning to multiquery problems. Their Effort Informed Roadmaps (EIRM*) can solve individual problems an order-of-magnitude faster and has been submitted to ISRR 2022. If you'd like to know more you can watch the trailer video on YouTube, read the paper on arXiv, and checkout the code. Valentin is a Ph.D. student in Marc Toussaint's Learning and Intelligent Systems (LIS) lab at TUBerlin.

    Watch on YouTube
  2. Dr. Marlin Strub

    Congratulations to Marlin for defending his D.Phil. on Leveraging Multiple Sources of Information to Search Continuous Spaces. Many thanks to his examiners Prof. Wheeler Ruml and Prof. Nick Hawes for their time and effort examining his work. Marlin will very shortly be joining NASA JPL. Well done, Dr. Strub!

    Dr. Marlin Strub & friends