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  2. Smith Eng.
  3. ECE

Estimation, Search, and Planning (ESP) Research Group


ESP often releases software associated with our publications and work. If you find any of our code useful, or have any other comments or questions, please take the time to contact us and let us know.

You may also be interested in our GitHub repositories.

  1. LaTeX Presents
  2. Planner Developer Tools (PDT)
  3. Task and Motion Informed Trees (TMIT*)
  4. Effort Informed Roadmaps (EIRM*)
  5. Effort Informed Trees (EIT*)
  6. Surface Edge Explorer (SEE++)
  7. Adaptively Informed Trees (AIT*)
  8. Advanced Batch Informed Trees (ABIT*)
  9. Batch Informed Trees (BIT*)
  10. Informed RRT*

ESP has also contributed to a number of open-source projects, including: