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Estimation, Search, and Planning (ESP) Research Group

Mission operations design for lunar sample return as field-tested in an analogue deployment to the Sudbury impact structure

  1. J. E. Moores
  2. R. Francis
  3. T. Barfoot
  4. N. Barry
  5. G. Basic
  6. M. Battler
  7. M. Beauchamp
  8. S. Blain
  9. M. Bondy
  10. R-D Capitan
  11. A. Chanou
  12. J. Clayton
  13. E. Cloutis
  14. M. Daly
  15. C. Dickinson
  16. H. Dong
  17. R. Flemming
  18. P. Furgale
  19. J. Gammell
  20. N. Ghafoor
  21. M. Hussein
  22. R. Grieve
  23. H. Henrys
  24. P. Jaziobedski
  25. A. Lambert
  26. K. Leung
  27. M. Mader
  28. C. Marion
  29. E. McCullough
  30. C. McManus
  31. C. D. Neish
  32. H. K. Ng
  33. A. Ozaruk
  34. A. Pickersgill
  35. L. J. Preston
  36. D. Redman
  37. H. Sapers
  38. B. Shankar
  39. A. Singleton
  40. K. Souders
  41. B. Stenning
  42. P. Stooke
  43. P. Sylvester
  44. L. Tornabene
  45. G. R. Osinski
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A Mission Operations Design will be described for an analogue robotic sample return mission on the far side of the Moon in the South Pole-Aitken Basin. The analogous site will be within the Sudbury Impact Structure. This scenario will use a rover acting alone supported by a single relay spacecraft. The structure established and tested will offer lessons for improving decision making and reducing training time across all similar planetary space missions, including private lunar missions. Differences between our process and the processes used by other recent science-driven Analogue Mission activities [4,6,7] will be discussed.

Publication Details
Abstract-Refereed Conference Paper
European Planetary Science Congress (EPSC-DPS)
Nantes, France
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