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Advanced BIT* (ABIT*): Sampling-based planning with advanced graph-search techniques

  1. Marlin P. Strub
  2. Jonathan D. Gammell
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Path planning is an active area of research essential for many applications in robotics. Popular techniques include graph-based searches and sampling-based planners. These approaches are powerful but have limitations.

This paper continues work to combine their strengths and mitigate their limitations using a unified planning paradigm. It does this by viewing the path planning problem as the two subproblems of search and approximation and using advanced graph-search techniques on a sampling-based approximation.

This perspective leads to Advanced BIT*. ABIT* combines truncated anytime graph-based searches, such as ATD*, with anytime almost-surely asymptotically optimal sampling-based planners, such as RRT*. This allows it to quickly find initial solutions and then converge towards the optimum in an anytime manner. ABIT* outperforms existing single-query, sampling-based planners on the tested problems in R4 and R8, and was demonstrated on real-world problems with NASA/JPL-Caltech.

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Full-Paper-Refereed Conference Paper
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA)
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2002.06589 [cs.RO]
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