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Estimation, Search, and Planning (ESP) Research Group

Advanced Batch Informed Trees (ABIT*)

Source Code

ABIT* is now in the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL) and will be part of future binary releases. You can find details on how to download and install OMPL on their website.


Advanced BIT* (ABIT*) is an almost-surely asymptotically optimal path planner. It views the planning problem as the two subproblems of approximation and search. This perspective allows it use advanced graph-search techniques, such as inflation and truncation. ABIT* outperforms other almost-surely asymptotically optimal planners (e.g., RRT* and BIT*) by finding initial solutions quickly and converging to the optimum in an anytime manner. The benefits of ABIT* were also demonstrated on NASA/JPL-Caltech's Axel Rover System.

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  1. MPStrubJDGammellAdvanced BIT* (ABIT*): Sampling-based planning with advanced graph-search techniquesProceedings of the IEEE international conference on robotics and automation (ICRA)130–136